Over there

I've been privileged to work with Commissioner Keith Banks in recent days and have been totally inspired by his poetry. I am tasked with providing soundtrack to an audiobook of Keith's poetry coming later this year and my first track was composed to accompany this poem, written on the eve that Keith and his daughter scattered his late wife's ashes.


The day she died

My eyes were drawn

To ‘over there’.


A fragile yacht

Moved with the wind

To that isle where

The grass was lush,

The sky aglow

With mottled glare.


A perfect place

Thought I, whose mind

Was numb with grief,

For my sweet love

To gently merge

With sand and leaf.


And so today

At some quiet spot,

With hearts that sighed,

We left behind

The ashes of

Those parts that died.


And then there came

A tranquil peace

Beyond compare;

A Heav’n-shaped grasp,

Of certainty;

A moment rare.


That part of her

That liveth still

Is ‘over there’.

© Keith Banks

Pianos Pianos Pianos

My early working life was that of a piano tuner. I studied the art of piano tuning, maintenance and restoration for 3 years (yes, 3 years!) and have never lost the love of what goes into making a piano...especially a beautiful sounding piano.

The Schimmel piano factory

The Schimmel piano factory


Click here for a little insight into the manufacture of one and a bit about how they are living, organic instruments that give a full body experience when playing one.


Geneva Instruments

I've been a Geneva ambassador for a while now, but today, Geneva added me to their website as one of their Euphonium Artists. This is surreal for me to be on the same page as people such as Glenn van Looy, Thomas and James Fountain. Whilst I'm not the player that they are, my love for brass music and especially the euphonium is something that I'm very proud and passionate about.

Thanks, Geneva!




So I've added a few tracks for sale in the store. Why am I selling tracks? Well I have done this for a while now through a site called Audiojungle. Audiojungle is a media gateway for musicians, graphic designers, motion video specialists to sell their products to each other. For example, someone putting a video together may need a soundtrack. Both are available at Audiojungle.

However, some of my tracks are not right for that kind of commercial site and so these are the ones that I'm selling on here at a much lower price band (Audiojungle charge around $15 per track on average). If you feel that one or several of my tracks on this site can be used as part of your worship in some way, whether it's to read scripture to or simple just to relax with, then please purchase one.

Love Never Fails

Here's my latest track. Most of these new tracks are for use with films I'm creating. I try to follow the theme of the film when writing the track and so it's a fairly straight forward marriage of film and music. Sometimes I have to write specifically for the action on the film for it to work, but most of the films I work on will use music that doesn't require too much manipulation for the music.

I hope you enjoy it. This one might be ok for reading the love chapter along to.

Road Trip

Later this year I'll be taking my family on a road trip. We head off to New York before hiring a car and driving to Philadelphia, then onto Washington before heading north to Niagara, Toronto and then finally head back south to New York once again for a few more days in the Big Apple!

En route, we hope to take in a couple of Staff Band rehearsals on the way in New York and Canada.

We're all very excited as we love to travel and see new places around the world.


It's a busy year for The Salvation Army and part of my role means creating lots of music and video for the year of the mobilising initiative, a project to get the Army on fire for reaching out into our communities.

During the year I'll be creating lots of rich media content which you can keep up with either on my Soundcloud feed, or youtube. See my social links at the bottom of each page on this site for easy links to those feeds.

Gaz is off to Lurgan!

I've been invited to be the guest soloist at the Lurgan Salvation Army in March to celebrate their band weekend with them. Joining me will be Andrew Blyth as guest conductor for the weekend.

I'm very much looking forward to going as I love Northern Ireland and have heard so many great things about the corps there. It will also be a great pleasure to play a duet with John Murdock, a fine euphonium player whom I played alongside in the Bravura euphonium ensemble at a Gospel Arts Festival a few years ago.