Over there

I've been privileged to work with Commissioner Keith Banks in recent days and have been totally inspired by his poetry. I am tasked with providing soundtrack to an audiobook of Keith's poetry coming later this year and my first track was composed to accompany this poem, written on the eve that Keith and his daughter scattered his late wife's ashes.


The day she died

My eyes were drawn

To ‘over there’.


A fragile yacht

Moved with the wind

To that isle where

The grass was lush,

The sky aglow

With mottled glare.


A perfect place

Thought I, whose mind

Was numb with grief,

For my sweet love

To gently merge

With sand and leaf.


And so today

At some quiet spot,

With hearts that sighed,

We left behind

The ashes of

Those parts that died.


And then there came

A tranquil peace

Beyond compare;

A Heav’n-shaped grasp,

Of certainty;

A moment rare.


That part of her

That liveth still

Is ‘over there’.

© Keith Banks